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Introducing the Focus on RED Strategy


Pastors and Local Churches are faced with an incredible challenge to effectively communicate the gospel with secular post modern Australians.
Graham Sercombe will make himself available to:

  • Consult with local Church leaders
  • Work through “Focus on RED” strategy
  • Confirm Church commitment
  • Serve alongside Pastor, Leadership Team, and Church for up to six weeks over one year to achieve the objectives of the three phases.


The aim of the “Focus on RED” strategy is to create a lifestyle shift and change in the hearts of God’s people so that they will develop a daily effective lifestyle of:

  • prayer and seeking God
  • walking in the Spirit
  • obeying the prompts and leading of the Holy Spirit
  • witnessing and evangelism in a natural but supernatural way
    discipleship, and discipling and mentoring others

The key to making an impact for God in our communities and nation is for God’s people to rise up and live a life of renewal in the power of the Holy Spirit, energised and empowered to be a continuous vibrant witness for the Lord Jesus and to be actively involved in a ministry of discipling of others.

This was the key to the incredible growth of the early Church as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles and urgently needs to be recovered today.

Graham has made himself available to partner with Churches and Pastors using the “Focus on RED” strategy.


Phase 1: RenewalFocus on Red Discipleship Program showing different phases


• To encourage and develop the spiritual hunger and desire for God in the hearts of God’s people.

• To encourage and develop God’s people to earnestly seek God in prayer personally and corporately.

• To encourage and develop God’s people to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to walk in the Spirit daily.

• To enlist and encourage local Church prayer warriors and intercessors.


• Sunday Services (am and pm) – Introducing the “Focus on RED” strategy and commencing the local Church “Renewal” phase – “Developing a Hunger for God”.
• Home Groups – Follow Up Questions from Sunday Teaching
• Sunday Services (am and pm) – “The Power of Prayer”
• Home Groups – Follow Up Questions from Sunday Teaching
• Developing the Prayer Team
• Church Family Camp – (Possible Themes: “Fire in the Fireplace” or “Power from on High” or “Dying is the Key to Living”)
• Developing a “House of Prayer” and Prayer Partners

Phase 2: Evangelism


• To encourage and develop a desire in God’s people to be a witness for God as a way of life.
• To equip God’s people to be an effective witness for God as a way of life.
• To explore, develop and plan for the local Church to have an effective outreach and harvesting week to reach lost people for Christ.


• Training Week – “Life Style Evangelism Training” (Sunday to Sunday)
• Finding the Local Church Evangelists
• Developing the Outreach Planning Team
• Mentoring the Local Church Evangelists
• Planning and preparation for the Outreach and Harvesting Week
• Harvest Week (Sunday to Sunday)

Phase 3: Discipleship


• To encourage and develop in God’s people to be disciples and to be discipling others as a way of life.
• To equip God’s people to be able to disciple and mentor others as a way of life.
• To develop local Church discipling strategy and implement as a way of life.


• Training – “Life Style Discipleship Training”
• Implementing the Discipleship Strategy
• Mentoring and Encouraging Local Church Discipling Team
• Developing Spiritual Gifts



“Graham is an evangelist with a pastor’s heart. I only wish there were more like him to raise up future generations with a heart for evangelism and prayer.”  Doug Drinnon (Chairman and Director of Southern Cross Institute)
“Graham has preached the Gospel in both city and country churches were I have served, resulting in much blessing…In a day when it is easy to “sugar-coat” the Gospel, I believe Graham has a God-given message that needs to be heard.”  Pastor Murray Lean (Senior Pastor of City North Baptist Church)

If you would like to download a brochure on Focus on Red, please click here.